Editorial: I’ve made a horrible mistake!

Oh dear God! What horrors have I just witnessed? What more can almost certainly lie ahead? I have entered the valley of darkness for which there is no return.This is my campus Halloween adventure.

Editorial: Midterms Are Fun

It seems like the maple leaves that grow on the sides of buildings have skipped a couple shades of yellow and orange and turned into a bright crimson. Actually I’m not sure if maple leaves count as maple if they grow on vines instead of a tree, but they’re Canadian, so I assume they must be.

Editorial: Opinions!

Once again, I am angry. Not for any justifiable reason, just simply because of my position as editor. I have been informed by my peers in journalism that editorials shouldn’t simply be treated as free space for one to ramble on about such topics as Snapchat!, Smash Bros!, and Thanksgiving (twice); but rather as an instrument to voice my informed, developed opinions to the student body.

Editorial: Kingston Thanksgiving Pt. 2 - The Aftermath

*Part 2 of a 2 part series*
I seem lost in the endless labyrinth of space and time. I am outside of any knowable dimensions and floating in the neverending darkness that no light could ever penetrate.
No I’m not high. I’m in Kingston for Thanksgiving.

Editorial: Reasons I Have Friends

This thanksgiving, I went through several soul searching conversations with various people about what I am thankful for. The consensus has been generally that people are thankful for their parents, professors, food, the weather, and friends. All of the above are either forced upon me - I mean, given to me by the love of some deity or the laws of physics or something - or is necessary to my survival, except for the category of “friends”.

Editorial: Kingston Thanksgiving pt.1: Prelude

*Part 1 of a 2 part series*
Remember TV? It was pretty shitty, having to sit through commercials, flipping through channels to find a show that’s not about fishermen renovating storage units - it was horrible. But thanks to the internet, now you can watch what you want, when you want, and then wonder why your favourite shows are cancelled because they get no viewers on actual TV. What I’m getting at here is that, like good ol’ fashioned TV, you’re gonna have to wait for this editorial to be completed next issue, when my experiment with Kingston Thanksgiving is complete.

Editorial: Why Can't We Just Be Animals?

I mean, obviously we’re not like plants or something. I was just thinking, we are soft and warm and fleshy and breathe and move around, just like any other animal - except animals with a hard shell on their outside, animals that are cold blooded, animals that are starved to their skin and bones just like starving children in Africa, fish, and animals that are dead - so why don’t we have the countless privileges that animals have?

Editorial: Sober Diary

Based on the hungover mishaps that was last weekend, this past weekend I decided to stay relatively sober. After one Tennessee Honey whisky sour classily sipped over the span of several hours at the Brooklyn, I informed my friends that I will be going to bed early like a good girl.

Editorial: SMASH BROS!

I am about to take you on a long, emotional journey deep into the heart of a man who has a problem. I - Joe Craib - am really shitty at Super Smash Bros.

Editorial: Healthy Eating!

Look, I get it. When you’re on campus and you’re late for class sometimes you just wanna grab some Timmies. But then once in a while becomes once a day, everyday, or even more. And it’s not just Timmies. Pizza Pizza, CoGro, Canadian Grilling Company, Starbucks and a bunch of other restaurant chains that we can’t mention because they didn’t pay for this sweet product placement.

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