Eyeliner: When is It Blackface?

Hey guys, (quirky sound effect) it’s me, (quirky transition) on today’s episode of my CITHDIYMUTYC (Cory in the House DIY Make-Up Tutorial YouTube Channel), we are going to talk about eyeliner (quirky intro song).

My Near-Death Teriyaki Experience

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Indeed, it seemed to catch the corner of my eye, I’d never seen that before. In my head the order of food places was always Booster Juice, Pita Pit, Pizza Pizza, and Tim Hortons. Suddenly, there it was. A line going somewhere I had never seen before. Well technically it was two people waiting, so I don’t know if that actually counts as a line. Nonetheless, a gleaming light, a glowing red sign hypnotized me. I began to walk towards it until I could make out what it said.

Teriyaki Experience. And what an experience it would be.

Things the US Would Elect As President Before they’d Elect a woman

SUP guys, its me, Leah, here to share with you some of my zany unique thoughts on another episode of Leah Talks About Politics and Who Let Her? Why Is She Doing This?

So as I browse the internet for the next best Vine, I sometimes accidentally stumble upon “politics” and “Cory in The House Erotica Fan-Fiction” but who cares about that garbage though right ? Haha i’m nervous. But anyways I’ve been noticing that the US is going through a whole lot of effort to not elect a woman into office.

Has Science Gone Too Far? Girls Now Have the Technology to Tell Me to Fuck Off

Science thinks it has all the answers. La-de-FUCKING-da, you discovered penicillin, insulin, and other stupid shit. Now you think you have the right to tell me how to live? Tell me what to wear, what to eat, how to eat puss puss pussy magoosey? Well guess what? YOU’RE WRONG. Science is overstepping its boundaries and should step the fuck back. They’ve invented lots of good things, don’t get me wrong, but now that they’ve progressed so far women have figured out they have the technology to tell me to “fuck off”, whatever that means. Take this example from a party this past weekend.

Song by The Killers Doesn’t Play at House Party- What Happens Next Will Shock You

So I am at a party - I already know exactly what you are thinking-how do you balance a 4.3 GPA, a healthy diet, a famous Cory in The House inspired Makeup Tutorial Youtube Channel, AND still party like every night? Just a modern-day Renaissance woman and a severe stimulant addiction.

Spooky Movies for your Spooky Evenings

T’is the season! Wait, wrong holiday.

That’s right - Halloween is approaching, and with the actual date in the middle of the week, you’ll be able to party your pointy devil ears off for two magical weekends! While doing so though, you might find it prudent to consider taking a night or two off to rest, or maybe save yourself a couple of extra bucks on another costume. Whatever the reason, I’ve got years of Halloween movie specials to help you decide what exactly you want to watch. After careful consideration, I’ve decided on a list that cannot be debated. Take a look:

Editorial by Handsome Squidward

With 175 years under its belt, Queen’s is nationally recognized for its long-lasting traditions and spirited student body. That’s great and all, but it’s time to bring back the really, really good traditions like the tricolour guillotine, segregation and more.

Ways to make social issues that don`t affect you affect you!

Oh, here I go, saving the day again. Let’s talk about a group that constantly gets undercut in society: white people. I know-I know- how often can we make fun of white people and how privileged they are??? What an easy joke to keep running-well you can shut the heck up, I’ve had a lot of people holding me down, I’ve faced a lot of Vine hate, and a lot of social disadvantages so let me have this.

The Best of Homecoming (3rd Year Edition)

Drunk 17 year old small-town Ontarians wandering aimlessly through an urban setting, disillusioned to their rapidly approaching future failures. No, this isn’t a Wednesday in London, Ontario, but Queen’s Homecoming. That’s right, a timeless tradition where we pretend to exhibit school spirit and support our sports teams but actually forgot to wear tricolour and have never been to the football game. That’s okay though, cuz you had a good time, I know since you posted on Instagram with the three colours of heart emojis. I went out too. Here are some things that happened that are of note.

Girls guide: How to make doing Meth not so basic

For this cool catchy intro I want to start with a true-to-life story (Leah you’ve been lying? Yup! Rules don’t apply to the meme-cowboys or the Vine Famous). But before I start on this crazy adventure, you have to promise me one thing-under no circumstances will you fall in love with me.