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Brute Force Committee Secret Identity Uncovered

The Brute Force Committee is a secret organization run by engineering students at the University of Toronto. The organization is mainly known for their outrageous pranks over the years, including the successful theft and ransom of our beautiful grease pole. Upon the eventual return of our pole earlier this year, we managed to get an interview with our great friend, Poley McGreasey. From the very few questions it could answer, we determined that our pole had been intensely psychologically tortured, responding only to Slippery Pete.

A Labradoodle Visited Golden Words and We Put Him to Work

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“Yo Daddy is a joke” Jokes

Yo daddy is corny and whack and can only inspire you to be a shittier version of yourself. Here is a succinct list of zingers I keep in my back pocket to chase him off this clit when he comes sniffing around:

Yo daddy is so absent in your life that his distance is only measurable by light.

Yo daddy is so inappropriate around yo friends that he repeatedly asks your bff Meghan (with an H) if her boyfriend Todd is treating her “right”.

Yo daddy is so disillusioned with the state of millennial employment that he is genuinely baffled that you’re not a home-owner yet.

The Secret Life of Memes

This week in America was a fortuitous one, the time arrived for the country to decide between a human trash fire or a mutated crow liar person; the votes came in hot and fast leaving candidates and voters alike on the edge of their seats, yet in the end there can only be one and the last man standing was none other than D Tizzle himself - Donald Trump. Many have been asking since the numbers came in how Donald succeeded in wrangling the popular vote, some stated it was the rural white vote that tipped him over the edge, the truth however is even more bizarre.



Are you angry at other people?