The Man Bun: Fad or Fashion?

There is a new trend I’ve seen around campus that I am not quite sure how to feel about: the Man Bun, or as I’ve heard more affectionately termed, the Mun. There is a lot of controversy around this new do, a lot of the female population I have spoken with have starkly contrasting ideas about this trend and its attractiveness levels. Melanie B, Yogi who carries her Yoga mat everywhere, even on days she doesn’t do Yoga (which is actually most days) had this to say, “Oh yeah, the Man Bun is hot.

Astonishing Conspiracy Revealed: ArtSci Students Planning to Strike

Breaking news was uncovered last Sunday when Golden Words’ new undercover reporter (who will be referred to as That Dude for his/her personal safety) managed to sneak out a top secret document from the headquarters of the Queen’s Arts and Science Society (Queen’s ASS is an underground elite society independent from the AMS, which functions practically like Queen’s Engineering Society and rule over the mass ArtSci students).

Somali Pirates Upset Over Being Confused With Internet Pirates

“We just want to be recognized because what we do is generally regarded to be more unambiguously unethical and also more physically perilous.” Charles, a Somali Pirate, declared Tuesday.

Your Date With an Engineer

During dinner, your date may continuously kick the table-legs and twist at their chair. this is simply their instincts telling them to be sure not to sit at any place which may cave in around them. Don’t expect to dance too much at the formal as they will probably spend most of their time conducting structural tests on the decorations.

Issue 10 Cover: Morning Wood


Aries: March 21 - April 19
You’ve been ramming too hard for too long. You can’t stay horny forever. Impotence is on its way.
Brontosaurus: April 20 - May 20

Advice From a Broken Home

The Parents - 
Peggy Sue: 
I’m Peggy Sue a proud mother from Texas. I’m a stay-at-home empty nester who loves hitting up the bar, having a good time, and blubbering into my drink about my wreck of a marriage. My piece of shit husband is always at work and has no way of being connecting with anyone emotionally. Ours was a proud shotgun wedding, the result of him drinking for the first time, meeting me, and knocking me up. I have not stopped drinking after the wedding toast.

AMS Report: Hetero- and Homosexuality Sexist

The AMS has made a bold offensive this week in its ongoing campaign against the forces of political incorrectness, declaring that any variety of sexuality that does not include attraction to both males and females to be inherently sexist.



Are you angry at other people?