Gamergate: Feminists Demand Equal Representation in Horrifyingly Violent Video Games

The continuously evolving “Gamergate” scandal continues to grip the gamer community and video game industry as women are fighting for the inclusion of more positive female characters in disturbingly violent and fucked up video games.

The Things You Probably Did Last Night

So it’s a regular ol’ weeknight in the ghetto, you went out with your friends, had a couple of drinks, and last thing you remember, you were having a great time until you woke up this morning wondering what happened… According to the statisticians in the Queen’s Faculty of Polling, this is the likelihood of what happened to you last night:

Fear Factor: Meat Pie Edition

My housemate is secretly a gourmet chef. Seriously. I didn’t realize it for a while but after 3 years of witnessing his unique creations I have come to the conclusion that there must be some method to his madness.

I Scared Fort Fright

Last night I went for a run. After 18km, I was feeling good, so I decided to go for a few more kilometers. Normally, I would run around the campus at RMC; however, due to the tragic events in Ottawa last week, the gates at RMC were locked and I couldn’t run there. I decided to go to Fort Henry. As I got to the top of the hill, I saw eerie lights coming out of the top of the fort. It was Fort Fright! Since I was there anyways, I decided to to see if they could scare.


Golden Words would like to address some concerns that have arisen with regards to an article in Issue 6, “Continuing Sexual Consent Agreement For 2 Participants”. It has become apparent to us that some members of the student community may have been offended by this article, in particular the use of the word “consent” in the title.

Scientists determine why humans are so emotionally attached to Onions

Advancements in culinary technology has finally answered a question that has plagued chefs and laymen alike. After a ten year study, researchers at the Culinary Institute of Canada have determined why humans have an innate sentimental attachment to onions. “All humans will cry when they cut up an onion. We share a kinship that is unlike any other vegetable,” stated head researcher, Joseph Williams.

A Short Story about Spiders

This isn’t so much a story as a testament to how much I hate the creepy crawly little buggers. Even now, just thinking about them, I feel a little nauseous. nothing should be allowed to have more than four legs, six are okay sometimes, but mostly not.

Top 8 Pornhub Insights

  1. “Big Tits” is searched on average 5.5 times more often than “Small Tits”, while “Natural” is four times more popular of a search term than “Fake”.
  2. “As with other major events, the Pornhub statisticians already discovered that 2014 World Cup games had a significant effect on traffic to our site. Whenever a match took place, the number of visits to Pornhub would drop, particularly from the countries playing in that game.”
  3. 30% of Pornhub users spell Colombia incorrectly as Columbia.



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