GW Sex: How to Store Your Sex Toys When You Have Roommates

If you live in residence, in shared student housing, at home with your parents, or ever have friends come into your room for any sort of activities, great! You’re probably loved by others. Do you love yourself though? If you do, you’ll probably want some sex toys; they are great - except you’ll have to store them properly. Without proper storage, sex toys may be dirtied, damaged, or stolen by your jealous and/or uncomfortable-because-they-are-jealous roommate.  

The Past

This past weekend I went for a hike. Nothing special just a random adventure through the woods, in search of a waterfall, or elves. As I was strolling next to the babbling brook, I came across something peculiar: a fence. I had not expected to find a fence in the middle of a forest, but here it was and curiosity got the better of me, so I had no choice but to cross it. Immediately there was another fence, and another, and another. It felt like someone was trying to keep me out of something, but I just couldn’t resist and kept trespassing over this myriad of fences.

Fisher for Mayor

Things to do during Sci-Formal Hours

Unless you managed to get a hour reduction by having a part-time job or being friends with someone important, you’ve got to put in 40 hours toward construction for Sci-Formal. You could always apply for an hours reduction by making up a fake job, but it’s easier to just follow the advice below to make the most of your indentured servitude.

Snack Attack

Cody Comic 4907

Golden Words History Corner: The Sex Life of Sir John A. MacDonald

We at Golden Words are dedicated to providing the Queen’s community with an intimate knowledge of the past. And boy do we mean Intimate. Intimate with a capital SEX.

Italian Football (Soccer) Player Found Dead After Ref Assumed He Was Faking An Injury

“This is why we say don’t cry wolf.”

Last weekend, a player on the Italian Football team was discovered dead, two days after he tripped and started internally bleeding from a pre-existing condition. The ref, Adam Adamson-Addams said of Giuseppe Almonte (1988-2014), “He was the best diver I knew. The fucker even had blood pellets that they use in the WWF to try to draw penalties. It got to the point where I couldn’t acknowledge him. He was doing it for the attention.” The funeral is the coming Thursday.

What is all this Food?!

I’m not quite sure what the origins of Canadian Thanksgiving are. The Americans have their “history” figured out - bunch of puritans arrived at Plymouth Rock; realized they had no clue what they were doing; were saved from starvation by the Native Americans; and they had one big harvest supper to celebrate not dying - right before their descendants stole the Native’s land and proceeded to try and wipe them off the face of the Earth. Hooray! ‘Murica!



Are you angry at other people?