Smash That Big Ass Pumpkin!

This Friday, October 17th. Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and Queen’s Gives Back will be dropping a 500 lb pumpkin from a crane at Agnes Benidickson Field from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. The pumpkin will be carried by a giant, long legged, long necked crane. The bird will fly in at 2:20pm, by which time the bird will be exhausted and simply drop the pumpkin on the field. Obviously EWB is sacrificing their concern for animals this year and putting all their focus on Political Advocacy, something about “Putting Development on Canada’s 2015 Election Agenda”.

Thesis Topic: A Critical Review Of Every Place On Campus That You Can Get Drunk At

I enjoy going to class and doing assignments just as much as the next guy, so not at all. Fortunately, the university experience offers more than four years of caffeine fuelled lab write-ups and assigned readings (if you’re reading this, you’ve probably never done any assigned reading). It’s our job to gain as much experience as we can while we’re here and to assist in our extracurricular learning, the beautiful Queen’s University has opened bars literally everywhere.

Editorial: Kingston Thanksgiving Pt. 2 - The Aftermath

*Part 2 of a 2 part series*
I seem lost in the endless labyrinth of space and time. I am outside of any knowable dimensions and floating in the neverending darkness that no light could ever penetrate.
No I’m not high. I’m in Kingston for Thanksgiving.

Editorial: Reasons I Have Friends

This thanksgiving, I went through several soul searching conversations with various people about what I am thankful for. The consensus has been generally that people are thankful for their parents, professors, food, the weather, and friends. All of the above are either forced upon me - I mean, given to me by the love of some deity or the laws of physics or something - or is necessary to my survival, except for the category of “friends”.

Fix n' Clean Book Reviews Pt.2

Hot Flashes,

Autumn Paranoia

The Lost OS

Fall Review

Rating: 3 maple leaves
Squirrel Rating: 2 acorns
Duration: 1-16 weeks

Tinder Surprise



Are you angry at other people?