Floorcest: The Pros and Cons

  • Convenience: They live like right there, think of how easy it will be to go whenever you’re in the mood.
  • The Unisex bathroom: Need I say more.
  • Showers: The showers are cleaned for you, might as well use them.
  • Need to Procrastinate: Go have sex with the person five doors down.
  • Give old lefty the night off!: He’s ( I mean she of course….) has earned a night off.
  • Free don condoms …. & Candy: Why not put ‘em both to use.
  • Practice Your Failings: Why not get all the fuck ups out the way.

How to Date Your TA: The Info Western Doesn’t Want You to Know

Recently, the Western University’s student newspaper, the Gazette, came under media scrutiny from across the country for publishing an article called something like “So You Want to Date a TA?” - I’m speculating because the outrage caused it to be wiped from the internet completely. Kind of like an online version of Men In Black, except it makes less sense. So in the spirit of journalism and tradition of plagiarizing content, Golden Words would like to present our own version of the Gazette’s article.

Editorial: I Hate Summer

As I sit in this gloomy upstairs dungeon listening to the misery of the Kingston rain, looking forward to the next eight months of utter hopelessness and depression, I reach the following epitome: I hate summer.
Because the last four months were the worst four months of my life; even worse than the following eight months will ever be. Actually, come to think of it, every year’s May to August is the worst May to August of that year. But this summer, it has been the worst. 

Editorial: FROSH!

Hey Frosh! Since this is probably your first taste of Queen’s journalism, I’m just gonna launch straight into an uninformed rant to get you used to how things work around here.
This is my first Queen’s frosh week where I have not been a participant and when you are able to stand back and (drunkenly) look at it...holy shit guys. It is absolute chaos out there! Im not sure if you guys realize how insane this whole thing looks.

Senior ‘I know better than you do’ Editorial: Long Distance Relationships

Hey there Frosh! By now you’ve already settled into residence and convinced yourself that this is the best week of your life. You’ve walked through the streets of the student ghetto University District, overpaid for a few keggers, tried your ‘totally real’ fake I.D. at Stages, and most importantly REMAINED LOYAL TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND. Because let’s face it, what you guys have is special. Everyone knows that your first love is the most likely to last the longest, i.e. forever.

Write Dirty to Me

-From: Your Pen

Editorial: Summer

As many of you noticed, and then immediately complained about on social media, there was a recent spring snowstorm in Kingston. Which can only mean one thing: summer is just around the corner!
Yeup. Southern Ontario is subject to a warm summer continental climate system. That means that the weather can be subject to both cold, dry arctic air masses as well as warm, moist sub-tropical air masses, which can collide and create basically a clusterfuck of weather patterns. Yeah, that’s right - I took GPHY 102 and spent many an afternoon on Wikipedia. Science!

Editorial: English can suck my dick

Being a Chinese-Canadian first generation immigrant is not easy. We often face various types of discrimination and suffer through negative stereotypes. One example: everyone expects us to be smart. Fuck you for putting extra pressure on our academic performance and using us as an excuse for your own incompetence. These kinds of stereotypes are harmful to the harmony of our lives, and are simply untrue. Not every Asian person is smart! I just happen to be one of the smartest people in existence, that’s all.



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