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Handy Guide To (Cheating At) Board Games

So you’re starting to get tired of lying in bed all day watching Netflix instead of getting to know your floor/housemates, huh? Well, what are you waiting for, go be social! No, that’s not what I meant! Put those condoms down and listen, will you? You want to develop lasting friendships with these people, right? You’re going to have to try something a little more substantial. How about a movie night, or a friendly game of croquet, or… a board game! That’s the ticket! It’s the perfect activity for building trust with your new friends.

Top 10 Complaints About The Bader Centre

  1. “Too much light.”
  2. “I’ll be so hungry without any shitty fast food options on site.”
  3. “Far more privilege than I can possibly check.”
  4. “I hate that ‘new $63 million smell’.”
  5. “Walking this far should be reserved for the gym only.”
  6. “This architecture will probably crash Instagram.”
  7. “The endless labyrinth of state-of-the-art facilities is easy to get lost in.”
  8. “Could we move this thing a couple of feet closer to the water?”
  9. “Where are all the nude sculptures I requested?”
  10. “Is it the Bader Centre, or the Isabel?

Queen's Unveils New Cutting-Edge Facility For Artsy Shit

Both Queen's University Principal Daniel Woolf and Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Susan Mumm were on hand earlier this week for the grand opening of the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. The IBCPA, or simply the Isabel, is the school's brand new resource catering to students involved in a broad variety of artistic crap.

AMS Health & Dental Plan to Change

The AMS announced at a press conference Monday, September 15 an epidemic sweeping the campus and a change in the student health care plan in response. This announcement came during the ‘opt-out’ stage of the AMS Health and Dental Plan. It is rumoured that this year has seen a 27% increase in students choosing to use alternative plans. Golden Words sources that will remain unnamed speculate that this announcement is a stunt to regain funds that are largely redirected into groups such as the AMS Christmas Party and spring break fund, but this remains unproven.

4903 Cover: AIRBOB

Is Your Prof A Racist?

At Queens we pride ourselves on being the pinnacle of political correctness. With this great achievement comes the great responsibility of maintaining this safe place and educating those less informed. However sometimes this alone is not enough and the issue must be dealt with directly, this article will help you, my fellow students, determine one of the most important Questions…. Is My Professor A Racist?



Are you angry at other people?