The winter is upon us, and with it, the annual rush for a bae to call your own before Valentine’s Day. Known as all sorts of things across the globe: cuffing season, dating, courting, arranged marriage, Russian mail-order brides. You name it. As Wise and Cultured™ Queen’s students, we all know that history offers an extensive amount of learning material. Obviously most of history has things that you really reeeeeeally shouldn’t do, but there’s also some good bits of advice for us “alivies”.

The Four Worst Seasons of Stranger Things

Season 7
This season was especially baffling. While the writers made a bold choice moving away from the central characters of Mike, Eleven, and others, the decision to make the entire season (consisting of eight hour-long episodes), consist of nothing but a 5 minute loop of 9/11 footage was, though original, both confusing and repetitive.

America More Concerned About Super Bowl LI Than Imminent Nuclear Attack

Last week a sleeper agent by the name of Donalt Anton Trumikov, code named Donald Trump, fulfilled the final mission of the KGB, which was to have a true native Russian elected in America.

CIA Unveils Donald Trump's Ties to Russia

Since even before Donald Trump was elected President of The United States of America, he has been dogged by accusations of secret ties to Russia. Journalists have documented countless intersections between his own business interests and those of Russian oligarchs, and his own campaign manager Paul Manafort was forced to step down upon discovering a link to pro-Russian Ukrainian politics. This morning, the CIA finally unveiled all of these secret ties to the world.

How Dance Moms Helped me Fall Back in Love with Facism

Glitter. Glam. Government. It can be no surprise that as a bit of TV-snob, I’d be well versed in the instant-classic that is Dance Moms.

Things for $2.00 Worth LESS THAN the Golden Words Fee

Hey Guys! Issue 16. WOW. I honestly thought we’d have burned to the ground by now. In any case, we are currently pretty close. If you’ve followed us, we have a referendum on January 30th and 31st. We need everyone to vote yes for Golden Words so that we can continue to function. That’s right. So call up your friends and family and make it happen. But only if they go to Queen’s because otherwise they can’t vote so fuck ‘em. In any case, we’re not looking for any extra money. We’re not gonna ask for like $7.00 out of nowhere for a BS resume-padding club.

Sad Stuff

Cover 5115

The Case for Bird Courses

Don't you know 'bout the bird
Well ev'rybody knows that the bird is a word.
- Surfin' Bird

The AMS recently published a survey about what Queen’s students think of bird courses. This itself is worth celebrating, because it’s probably the first time the AMS did anything useful if you don’t count their decision to re-open the Queen’s Pub (which you shouldn’t since it was their fault it closed in the first place).

Crocs and Clorox: Exploring the Fashion World

There has been a new fashion trend exploding out of Toronto: a city known for it’s sub-par hockey team and copying everything that Drake does. But this latest fashion craze has come from civilians not the 6 God himself. Recently, Crocs have received a lot of flack for being “absolute garbage.” I will admit that I have shared that opinion, but with this revitalization, Crocs are coming back. The newest craze is Crocs and Clorox. And I know you might be thinking, “But TooMuchDog, that’s surely unhealthy! That’s not a fashion trend that people can sustain!



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