Are you angry at other people?

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Things To Put In Your Gym Bag When You’re Not At The Gym

Face it, you are a gym rat. You can bench four small children, curl a bowling ball with just your pinky finger and are so huge you can’t fit through most doorways walking forwards or wipe your ass. (You’re so intimidating you get pure Mathematics students to do that for you.) You consume more pre-workout than an townie consumes crystal meth. You own at least 2 pairs of Oakley’s: one of which is a full wrap-around and the other has polarized and reflective reddish lenses.

Life after Love: Relationship Advice from Gorgon the Skull Crusher

Looking for love? Falling out of it? Just need some d? Hi, I’m Gorgon the Skull Crusher, PhD in psychotherapy, Destroyer of Zartan and an ear for listening to all of your problems. Growing up, I served as a commander of the Zartanian militia, tearing the limbs off my enemies, drinking the blood of my victims. During my tours in the Karlaxic nebula, I took an online course from the University of Phoenix in psychology and learned so much about myself and how I treated those I cared about.

I Remember When I Had Good Dreams

Listen up kids, when you’ve been around as long as I have there’s a real temptation to look back at the past with rose tinted lenses. But this is one exception where my perception is not skewing my reflection: my dreams. When I was a kid I had the best dreams: I used to fancifully fantasize about flying, about being an astronaut, about having a mother who would tell me that I was spec- I mean tell me that I was specializing in advanced neurosurgery as she handed me my MD from Harvard. But let’s admit it nowadays I’m not as young as I used to be.

Wow! Mike Pence Condemns Hamilton Cast In Audience At His One-Man Magic Show

A mere week ago, VP-elect Mike Pence was chastised during a performance of Hamilton in New York City for the ways in which his administration would potential act for certain minorities. In a stunning turn of events, the cast of Hamilton found themselves in a tight spot when they realized that they were sitting front row at none other than Zap!: A Mike Pence Night of Magic and faced an earful from Pence after the show.



Are you angry at other people?