Why You Should Invest in Zinc

OK so listen here buckos- I’ve taken 2 economics courses, a single commerce course on business, and three years of whatever mining engineering decided I needed to take to get a degree in mining engineering- so I friggin’ know about markets and metals and money and all that bullshit. So you can trust this bad gal when she says: “Zinc is top shit and you should financially invest while it is still rising”.

Top Five Weird Al Songs to Listen to on Your Honeymoon

1. I love Rocky Road

2. You don’t Love Me Anymore

3. Achy Breaky Song

4. Perform This Way

5. Canadian Idiot

Sam -I-Am-Not (A Good Honeymoon DJ

If Queen’s Faculties Were Meal Plan Foods

Everyone who’s taken advantage of the Queen’s meal plan personally identifies with a food item offered on the menu. For example, I personally identify as Bacon Spinach Alfredo Pizza. Everyone has an item for every state: Sober, drunk, high, or all of the above. But if faculties were meal plan foods, what would they be? To be clear and concise, low quality image macros and gifs have been removed from this piece.

Club Stauff: The Next Hot Night Club in Kingston If You’re Drunk Enough

If you’re anything like the student you tell your parents you are, you supposedly spend a ridiculously upsetting amount of time in Stauffer. And if you’re anything like the student you actually are, you hate it and it’s boring as shit. You go there and you sit on the hard ass chairs and then your butt gets awkwardly sweating for literally no reason. Then it’s either boiling or freezing and there’s absolutely no way to deal with either. And then you go onto onQ and take out your crappy notebook and pens and then you take like five snapchats of how you’re studying really hard and shit.

Is This a Road or Just a Large Pathway?

Alright champs, here’s the 411: Acceptance offers have been going out for a while now, which means that next year's students will need to learn how to navigate campus sometime within the next six months. This gives me a prime opportunity to ask some questions that have been plaguing me for all six months I’ve been here: What is a road? What is a pathway? Do blue vans have more rights than me?

Four Reasons to See Local Play “Bro Diaries”

1. The Playwright is not a murderer
Mackenzie Parrott is the writer of “Bro Diaries,” and as far as we know, she has yet to kill anybody. This sets her in stark contrast to the rest of the Kingston theatre circuit, which is largely populated by unrepentant violent criminals.

How I Learned to Accept the Results of My Pottermore Quiz, Even Though It Said My Patronus Was a Moldy Pizza Slice

In life, I have found that being proud of who you are goes a long way towards being a better person. I have tried to be comfortable with how I look, how intelligent I am, how much people like me, and how boring my penis is. These were long processes – you cannot just wake up one day and decide that you are okay with being one hundred pounds overweight. This sort of acceptance takes time to heal. However, some epiphanies have more weight than others.

I Could, Like, Totally Climb Mount Everest

Mount Everest is a pretty fucking huge mountain I think. Like, I’ve heard it of it but I also failed grade 9 geography and have literally no idea where it is. It’s the largest mountain ever(est). I guess it’s cool and whatever to climb it but honestly it’s so overrated because basically every dude who’s ever run a marathon and has a fuck-ton of money has hired some Sherpas and dragged his ass up the cliff faces of Mt. Everest. I think if I climbed it it would be cool again.

Golden Words Crash Course on Crashing Courses

We get it: everyone loves school-stuff. Lectures, tutorials, labs, y’all can’t get enough of random course stuff. Class is like really cool and stuff… Ok, yeah, can’t keep that up for much longer. Let’s cut the crap, you’ve got a schedule more messed up than the Kennedy’s lobotomy and you’ve got to act fast before people start recognizing your face. Your professor speaks as coherently as a I do after a night alone at Stages, so how do you start squatting in on better lectures? I introduce to you the Golden Words Crash Course on Crashing Courses.