If Ryan Gosling is a Bird, I'm More Like a Fugly Vole


OK - so I started writing this article under the assumption that most people have seen the most raved about rom-com on this side of the world: The Notebook. For those who haven’t, there is a scene in which Ryan Gosling harnesses the power of his love to turn himself into a majestic bird that fights crime with a laser made of his physical affection for his true love, Regina George. Trust me - watch this movie.


If I Sleep with a Guy, He's a Legend, but If a Girl Sleeps with Me, She's a Lesbian? And a Second Thought

Hey guys, what’s up, me again, I am back and I have some things I think we should think about for half of week 5 and 1 day into week 6. This is not a lot of time I am asking you to consider - it’s like 3 hangovers and one brunch with your boyfriend’s parents. It’s fine. I swear it.

Faking it: A University Student's Guide on How to Make it Look Like Your Life isn't Falling Apart Even Though it Actually is

If you’re anything like me right now is about the time of year that life comes crumbling down around you. You have 10 due dates in the next week and a half, your relationships are under strain, you spent too much time getting drunk, and you haven’t opened a book since December. Now this is a situation rife with opportunity. Your life hasn’t actually fallen apart yet.

Golden Words Guide to Organization For People Who Start Caring About School After Week 3

It’s week 4. If this statement really hits home, this piece may be for you. Everyone around you has been finding things to do to keep themselves busy but you’ve just spent 3 weeks rewatching the entire Danny DeVito filmography since The Big Kahuna. Can you justify it? No. Would you do it again? Without a doubt. But now that you’ve dug this hole, I’m here to get you out. Organization is like a period, better late than never. With that in mind, let’s get organized.

Convince yourself nothing meaningful is taught in the first 3 weeks

Point-Counterpoint: Mac DeMarco or Mozart?

Music. It comes in all shapes and sizes like triangles, big, squares and small. But not everyone likes the same music - in fact, scientists have determined that all listeners of music fall into two distinct categories: Mozart, the hit pop artist of the 1970s, or Mac DeMarco, the 2018 EDM trombonist. In this critical ‘thinkpiece’, our two esteemed musical writers, Solo and Jeremy, debate the fundamental truths that permeate our society: who is better, Mac DeMarco or Mozart?

Letters to GW: Tell Us How Golden Words Ruined Your Life

“It was the wild pre-AIDS days of the late 1970s. I was a hot, young environmental sciences prof with a grade-A pornstache and an increasingly sexless marriage. So when this cute young secretary started coming on to me, what the fuck was I supposed to do? It was a groovy time when it started, but around the sixth month I started getting these nagging thoughts about my wife waiting for me at home, preparing meatloaf for us or putting our young son to bed. It came to the point where I couldn’t take it, I didn’t know what to do.

Anime Is Not A Crime

The word Weeb has been getting thrown around quite a bit lately. Frankly I do not know what that means, or how it relates to anime, but I watched Spirited Away once and thought it was pretty good. After that experience, I can pretty much speak for all of anime and declare that it is not a crime to enjoy a good anime (editor’s note* probably a crime to watch bad anime).

Why Mathematicians are the Worst: A Rant

Don’t get me wrong, I love math more than I love black tar heroin, but there’s just some rage within me that has me fucking hate the people who invented it. Read on for a juicy rant.

What Are You Doing After You Graduate? A Lecture from My Dad So You Don’t Need To Call Home This Week

All right honey, it’s the middle of the week- the perfect time to discuss what your plans are when you graduate. Your mother and I are just concerned about the direction you’re headed in- not that we don’t trust you to make this decision- just that this is a realllllllly big adult choice and we just want what’s best for you. So what are your plans?