The Golden Words Guide to Coping with Tragedy

Following an eventful week for our neighbour to the South, it has become essential for Golden Words to do its best to aid any Queen’s students going through tough times in reaction. Seek the step by step guideline below for help coping with tragic events like an orange baboon’s presidential victory.

The Secret Life of Memes

This week in America was a fortuitous one, the time arrived for the country to decide between a human trash fire or a mutated crow liar person; the votes came in hot and fast leaving candidates and voters alike on the edge of their seats, yet in the end there can only be one and the last man standing was none other than D Tizzle himself - Donald Trump. Many have been asking since the numbers came in how Donald succeeded in wrangling the popular vote, some stated it was the rural white vote that tipped him over the edge, the truth however is even more bizarre.

“Yo Daddy is a joke” Jokes

Yo daddy is corny and whack and can only inspire you to be a shittier version of yourself. Here is a succinct list of zingers I keep in my back pocket to chase him off this clit when he comes sniffing around:

Yo daddy is so absent in your life that his distance is only measurable by light.

Yo daddy is so inappropriate around yo friends that he repeatedly asks your bff Meghan (with an H) if her boyfriend Todd is treating her “right”.

Yo daddy is so disillusioned with the state of millennial employment that he is genuinely baffled that you’re not a home-owner yet.

A Labradoodle Visited Golden Words and We Put Him to Work

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What’s Next For America?

It’s Sunday right now, so I have no clue who won the election, but I do know that everything has presumably gone to shit. Hopefully classes are still going on and the rioting has stayed safely south of the border, but since you people for some reason think that your opinions on this election matter even though you’re not American citizens, there’s a fair chance that classes have been cancelled, and campus has been placed on lockdown as a result of widespread fires and looting.

Tired of The Election? Men Think You’re Even Hotter When You Can’t Formulate A Political Opinion

To aid you in your unfulfilling, empty, ever-disheartening journey to be the center of anonymous men’s romantic fantasies, Golden Words has fresh, topical advice for you!

The US election will have been ongoing for almost 600 days and trust us, we’re all tired of seeing Trump and Clinton bickering in the media. You’re probably also fatigued from trying to collect all the information necessary to make a properly informed, sophisticated opinion about these current events. Emails, socialism, Putin, the liberal media, lifted speeches, tiny hands; when can our spirits rest?

The Untold Story of Bernie Sanders’ Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Secretary Hillary Clinton had spent the primaries being treated as the phony, establishment candidate, in opposition to the radical authenticity of Senator Bernie Sanders. It left her with a bad aura going into the general election, and the most straightforward way of clearing it was an endorsement from Sanders. But she wasn’t prepared for what would be required of her to receive such an honour.

Things Non-Engineers Need To Do To Get To Sci’ Formal

The annual Engineering Science Formal was this past weekend, and although it is the engineer prom, as usual it was overrun with people from other faculties. For all those non-engineers, it’s not as easy as you think to get a coveted ticket to wait in line for 3 hours and spend 30 minutes in Grant Hall.

A Tale of Two Presidents

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of Kanye, it was the age of the Kardashians, it was the epoch of environmentalism, it was the epoch of fundamentalism, it was the season of Five-Thirty-Eight, it was the season of Breitbart, it was the spring of exceptionalism, it was the winter of sensationalism, we had Bernie Sanders before us, we had Ted Cruz before us, we were all going directly to go, we were all going directly to jail – in short, the contest was so far unlike all the presidential elections before it, that some of our nosiest POLS students insisted on

MEA 2 Ideas for First Year Engineering Students

As all of us Eng frosh know (yes I am one as well), MEA1 has wrapped up and we are all totally confident in our code and our 20 plus page report! Right!? (No). Well to cheer you all up I have made a list of some great ideas for MEA2 that may give you all a good idea of what to choose for this project. Please email me at spoileralert@snapedies.com if you decide to use one. Here are some ideas: