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Trump: "We Need Bigger Data"

Being the president in an Internet Age is not an easy role, but Donald Trump seems to have his priorities straight. On Monday, he spoke of the White House's latest initiative: "The United States of America has data, but we need bigger data. We need our computers to be bursting open from all our data". When questioned about his motives in regards to this newfound data, Trump stated the facts: "China has a LOT of data. Their data is BIG. And they won't share it with us". Golden Words has been reassured of the positive impact Trump's initiative will have.

Queen's Arc Tim Hortons' Mistreatment Of Seagulls Has To Stop

On my way to Golden Words this Sunday afternoon I witnessed something so unimaginable that I had to write about it - a tragedy was occurring on the pathway between Douglas Library and Ontario Hall. I initially thought it was just two seagulls on the sidewalk trying to stay nourished - one of them was picking at a whole-wheat bun. But then I saw what the other seagull was attempting to digest: An entire Tim Hortons™ Crispy Chicken® Patty. A bird eating another fellow bird is essentially a perfect example of zoological cannibalism - and it needs to stop.

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10 Generations Better Than Our Generation

Alright, we get it. We were born in the wrong generation. Our generation sucks. Our generation consists of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and the existence of Snapchat. Here are 10 generations that are better than "our generation":

Renewable Energy Generation: Through the use of solar, wind, and water power, Renewable Energy Generation is an alternative way to live life sustainably.