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The Top 5 Vowels That Will Improve Your Words Like No Other Letters Can

When attempting to assemble a proper sentence, it is important to take the words you are using into consideration. Words are made up of letters. Over time, a clear distinction has been made between two categories of letters: consonants and vowels.

Tindall Field Officially Renamed to Tinder Field

In an attempt to transform Tindall Field into a more hookup-positive space on campus, Queen’s Athletics and Recreation has decided to change the field’s name to reflect their enthusiasm in the popular matchmaking app, Tinder. In addition to the regularly scheduled sporting events, the newly named Tinder Field will serve as a safe meeting space for questionable young couples who met on the questionable app. Queen’s Athletics and Recreation will also be phasing in new, exciting features to the field.

Halloween Midterm

Top Ten Funny Things to Say Now That The AMS is ANUS

  1. “I really want to get involved with our ANUS, I’ve done some other things around campus, but our ANUS just looks like tons of fun”
  2. “Did you go to the meeting last night? I was doing ANUS stuff for 4 hours”
  3. “Top positions in our ANUS”
  4. “The community outreach program was really impressed with the ANUS’s control”
  5. “Our ANUS has over 20000 members”
  6. “The work done by the ANUS over the last couple years has been really improving”
  7. “Sometimes I wish our ANUS was a little more selective of who it lets in”

Queen’s Functions - Programming Your University Life

    if(frosh == true)
        if(midnight == true)
        return false;
    else if(night)
    if(white == true && girl == true)
        return starbucks(pumpkinSpice);
        waitInLine(30 minutes);

The Lost OS