Authors - Leah Petersen

Fall In Love With Yourself by Being Two People From Your Multiple Personality Disorder

Ok, yeah, this is exactly like the movie Split ™ by M. Night Shyamalan. Isn’t MPD just twins in one place? Aren’t twins just the best two for one deal of all time?

Calling All Scientists To Make a Change: Admit Neil Armstrong Was our First Alien

History, science, books, knowledge-brainiacs love this stuff. I get it guys, you love pushing the boundaries, getting stuff learned and learning it up! Same, totally, me too. But lately I have been struggling with the idea that some of my science-brain-brothers have been getting things mixed up.

Neil Armstrong along with 11 other people have all been on the moon and everyone’s all like “ooh what step for mankind” but I am not an idiot. Once a Being steps on a terrain outside their planet we all know that that makes them aliens.

Books to Read on the Bus That Say “I May Be Hot But I’m Definitely Saving Anal for Marriage”

Listen up ladies-we ALL know that relatable feeling when you relate to something. This is going to be about letting women make their own minds up about what book to read because of feminism; but still enforce some pretty extreme ideas about what we believe female sexual identity should mean according to dated but still-existing sexist social structures.

Not Like Other Girls

The year is 2069, APOCALYPSE has hit. Ahhhh! Oh my god it’s so bad!!! Ahh so many people are dead!!! The Korean guy or someone totally nuked the Heck out of us. Did we deserve it? Maybe that’s the complexity of the whole situation, I don’t have time to get into it but like I DO have a great grasp on politics and morals I just like don’t think you’d get it.

Sexual Tension: The Unit in Physics 111 YOur Prof Left Out (It’s Like Khan Academy)

Set the scene: Its your physics class, I roll in on heelies, I’m looking good, I whisper in your ear “What’s up you dusty ass nerd hoes, I am the substitute teacher for the today and the lesson is on tension between to moving bodies. Sexual Tension. LOL.“ It’s going to be like a ted-talk but worse. Although you may not be able to tell, all of you are currently suspended in this room connected by an invisible force-tension. As you can see in Figure 1, there are two principle forces in sexual tension.