Volume 51

Bring Sexism Back to Engineering

HAha SUP! Yep i’m the cool editor with a trendy greeting, lower caps, short forms, and a rockin personality. NO I do not care to welcome you frosh or any of you I am NOT your mom and you will not speak to me in that tone of voice young man. Anyways, I bet everyone is like “ooh welcome to Queens it's gonna be the best” well first of all news flash no one could even know that so already the logic is off. Secondly, Queens definitely has some stuff to work on and as a great opener to the year I am going to give a critical editorial on the classic subject of Sexism.

I Automatically Hate Everyone Younger Than Me

September is finally here and with it comes the tide of freshly rejuvenated, eager, and annoying students. It’s kind of like the excitement you feel when summer rolls around, except you’re then covered in a thousand mosquitos. Mosquitoes that cause massive line-ups everywhere you go, and who eat all of the ginger-molasses cookies from The Tearoom before noon.

Frosh with Great Facebook Bio Hits it off Immediately with His Floor

Joshua J. Peterson, an incoming Queen’s Engineering frosh was worried about whether or not he would be thought of as hip and popular by his peers. We recently spoke with him in his Vic Hall residence after his first few nights at the school.


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