Authors - Heywood Jablohmey


The winter is upon us, and with it, the annual rush for a bae to call your own before Valentine’s Day. Known as all sorts of things across the globe: cuffing season, dating, courting, arranged marriage, Russian mail-order brides. You name it. As Wise and Cultured™ Queen’s students, we all know that history offers an extensive amount of learning material. Obviously most of history has things that you really reeeeeeally shouldn’t do, but there’s also some good bits of advice for us “alivies”.

My Adventures Riding The Final Frontier

I consider myself a connoisseur of the phallus. As both a honest lover of the male form and a relative latecomer to the sexual theatre at the spinster-bound age of 20, I have made it my goal to catch up with my peers the months, nay years, that I spent picking scabs on my legs, rather than seeking out the perfect schlong.