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Queen's Hospitality Services to Add Edible Food Option to Menu

The Queen’s Hospitality Services has received complaints over the last 2 years of a decreased quality in food. As well as a lack of food options. The head of hospitality services, Mr. Peter Ian Staker, or Mr. P.I. Staker said in an exclusive interview, “the food has definitely been lacking over the last few years in nutritional content and flavour. Our new edible food option will include herbs and spices to give the bland food any taste regardless if it is good or not.

Bars to Get That Are Totally Real

It’s Week 12! WOOOO Hell Yeah! We did it! Time to get drunk as fuck this weekend, and if you haven’t heard froshies there’s these things called bars and you put them on your GPA which you will not be able to bring home with you on jacket pick up day, because face it you’re gonna drop out after you can’t pass 112 and become Arts’21. Anyways here’s some dope ass bars you need to get to put on your GPA (that you hypothetically will get).

Kingston Living: Build a snow fort and live in it for a weekend.

Brute Force Committee Secret Identity Uncovered

The Brute Force Committee is a secret organization run by engineering students at the University of Toronto. The organization is mainly known for their outrageous pranks over the years, including the successful theft and ransom of our beautiful grease pole. Upon the eventual return of our pole earlier this year, we managed to get an interview with our great friend, Poley McGreasey. From the very few questions it could answer, we determined that our pole had been intensely psychologically tortured, responding only to Slippery Pete.

An Open Letter to Stu-Cons

Dear Stu-Cons,

Ask John!

This is a weekly column where readers can submit questions to John, our advice columnist. John tries to answer as many questions as possible, so if you don’t see your question answered this week please check next week’s issue. To get featured in an upcoming issue please submit your questions to goldenwords.donotreply.thisisntreallyaweeklytopic.ifyourestillreadingthi...

Shit You Will Only Find in Kingston

Welcome to Kingston, one of the weirdest and wackiest cities in Canada and here’s why.

The Life and Death of Yik Yak

Remember that app, Yik Yak? Yeah good times - from late night thirsty yaks of failed attempts of hookups, sharing vulgar jokes (that are only acceptable while hiding behind the mask of anonymity), tosharing frustration over relatable life troubles, there was always something to read while procrastinating in Stauffer (i.e. sitting on the toilet in Stauff).

In August this year the app decided to up and explode itself by getting rid of many of the features that made the app unique. So this special report is here to cover the life and death of the little app that could.