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Crocs and Clorox: Exploring the Fashion World

There has been a new fashion trend exploding out of Toronto: a city known for it’s sub-par hockey team and copying everything that Drake does. But this latest fashion craze has come from civilians not the 6 God himself. Recently, Crocs have received a lot of flack for being “absolute garbage.” I will admit that I have shared that opinion, but with this revitalization, Crocs are coming back. The newest craze is Crocs and Clorox. And I know you might be thinking, “But TooMuchDog, that’s surely unhealthy! That’s not a fashion trend that people can sustain!

21 Average

Recently, rapper 21 Savage has reached popularity for his mediocre rap style, ability to not give a single care about anything, and his current world record attempt for longest time spent with eyes not fully open, closing in on Ben Carson’s current title. Due to this fame and the nature of society nowadays, people have now started impersonating him. There is already a rapper going by the name of 22 Savage.

Canadian Government Issues Major Health Warning For Realsies

Listen, this day in age everyone is very health-conscious. You’ve got people who are runners, people who get flu vaccinations every year, people who go to the gym, and god forbid: (in a harsh whisper) vegans… Now there are constantly epidemics on the rise that threaten the lives of millions and the very freedom of Canadians. Currently, an unfortunate 1.097 million people (as of 2011) are afflicted with this disease and the number is on the rise everyday. Keep yourself armed with knowledge and a baseball bat with nails in it to beat the hell out of the people that do have it.

Things To Put In Your Gym Bag When You’re Not At The Gym

Face it, you are a gym rat. You can bench four small children, curl a bowling ball with just your pinky finger and are so huge you can’t fit through most doorways walking forwards or wipe your ass. (You’re so intimidating you get pure Mathematics students to do that for you.) You consume more pre-workout than an townie consumes crystal meth. You own at least 2 pairs of Oakley’s: one of which is a full wrap-around and the other has polarized and reflective reddish lenses.

Girl Goes To Hospital Due To Changing Seasons

Today, Jessica Collins, who describes herself as; 1/2 english, 1/8 German, 1/4 Ukrainian 1/8 Irish, a taurus, avid vsco user, and the self proclaimed “selfie-queen <3 <3 <3 XD” was admitted to Hospital with severe shock and anxiety-induced coma. Upon talking to doctors it was revealed Ms. Collins went into an anxiety attack after the realization fall is going to end soon.

Aleppo? A defence of Gary Johnson

So recent presidential candidate Gary “What is Aleppo” Johnson was recently scorched in the media for not knowing what Aleppo is. While many may agree with them, I think that the media just have a big ol’ rage boner from the amount of unbelievable shenanigans that has been caused by the utter incompetence of the candidates this election. This provided an outlet for them to dump their rage-filled load. It’s not like he’s running for President of Aleppo, why should he know what it is?

1-Ply is Wearing Me Thin

Greetings and salutations to the creator and supporters of 1-ply,


Man uses ‘The Facebook’ to Announce his Voting Plans

Today an elderly man has done something never before attempted; posting his radical political views on “the Facebook” explaining how he will be voting for Donald Trump in the coming US Presidential election.

The Unappreciated Gem that is #FreeTheSack

Nowadays, social movements can be thrown together by any angsty 14 year-old with a laptop. I, for one, feel that #FreeTheSack is a movement that has not received the attention it deserves.