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Why You Should Invest in Zinc

OK so listen here buckos- I’ve taken 2 economics courses, a single commerce course on business, and three years of whatever mining engineering decided I needed to take to get a degree in mining engineering- so I friggin’ know about markets and metals and money and all that bullshit. So you can trust this bad gal when she says: “Zinc is top shit and you should financially invest while it is still rising”.

If Ryan Gosling is a Bird, I'm More Like a Fugly Vole


OK - so I started writing this article under the assumption that most people have seen the most raved about rom-com on this side of the world: The Notebook. For those who haven’t, there is a scene in which Ryan Gosling harnesses the power of his love to turn himself into a majestic bird that fights crime with a laser made of his physical affection for his true love, Regina George. Trust me - watch this movie.


If I Sleep with a Guy, He's a Legend, but If a Girl Sleeps with Me, She's a Lesbian? And a Second Thought

Hey guys, what’s up, me again, I am back and I have some things I think we should think about for half of week 5 and 1 day into week 6. This is not a lot of time I am asking you to consider - it’s like 3 hangovers and one brunch with your boyfriend’s parents. It’s fine. I swear it.

What Are You Doing After You Graduate? A Lecture from My Dad So You Don’t Need To Call Home This Week

All right honey, it’s the middle of the week- the perfect time to discuss what your plans are when you graduate. Your mother and I are just concerned about the direction you’re headed in- not that we don’t trust you to make this decision- just that this is a realllllllly big adult choice and we just want what’s best for you. So what are your plans?