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The Future of Energy

Stop investing in solar power, nuclear power, tidal power, power rangers and any other mambo-jambo bullshit all the ‘scientists’ are parading around as ‘the future of energy’. Lies. The future of energy lies within Queen’s University.

I Could, Like, Totally Climb Mount Everest

Mount Everest is a pretty fucking huge mountain I think. Like, I’ve heard it of it but I also failed grade 9 geography and have literally no idea where it is. It’s the largest mountain ever(est). I guess it’s cool and whatever to climb it but honestly it’s so overrated because basically every dude who’s ever run a marathon and has a fuck-ton of money has hired some Sherpas and dragged his ass up the cliff faces of Mt. Everest. I think if I climbed it it would be cool again.

How to Pretend You’re Becoming a Better Person Without Actually Changing Anything

As New Year’s Resolutions continue to be forgotten like those dumbbells you swore you would use everyday before bed, a new, beautiful opportunity approaches us. No, it’s not ‘Roll up the Rim’, it’s Lent. For all you Christians out there, or anyone else, hello shalom, we don’t discriminate. The beautiful season of Lent is coming, March 1st to be specific. Here comes a time when people excitedly declare they will be giving up chocolate for forty days. Then, about 8 hours in they realize forty days is a really fucking long time.