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Three Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do in a Job Interview

1) Express Your Views on Abortion Without Being Prompted
Things start off great: you’re giving detailed, well thought out responses that they’re clearly receptive to. BUT you briefly mention that the supreme court’s decision on Roe v. Wade made the United States a much better country to be a woman in, and all of the sudden the interviewer becomes much more stiff for the rest of the interview. Where did things go wrong?

Check Out These Four Power Couples

1) Mackenzie and Dan

Four Reasons to See Local Play “Bro Diaries”

1. The Playwright is not a murderer
Mackenzie Parrott is the writer of “Bro Diaries,” and as far as we know, she has yet to kill anybody. This sets her in stark contrast to the rest of the Kingston theatre circuit, which is largely populated by unrepentant violent criminals.

The Six Most Inspiring Lin-Manuel Miranda Quotes

“My grandfather was very sick, he was bedridden by his disease.The power went out in his house so we all came by, and lit some candles around his room so he could still see. It just so happened that he passed away while we were all there, and the moment he died all the candles went out. So yeah, like I don’t believe in ghosts but I definitely think there was something supernatural going on there.”
- When asked about his views on North Korea