Hey and welcome to Golden Words Online. I’m Rick the Temp and I’m here to bring you some of the newest and hottest updates GW can provide.
We’ve got some great things lined up for the show today so just sit back and we’ll get started. So I was heading into the office today and I ran into some problems at the door. I forgot to bring my MuchMusi.. erm.. GW ID card and well wouldn’t you know it the security card wouldn’t let me in. I was all like ‘Hey I’m Rick the Temp, I’m on TV here.’ and he was all like ‘I don’t know you but I know my tazer if you don’t leave I’ll have to introduce the two of you.’

Well that was just crazy! So after about an hour on the payphone trying to get someone to let me in I managed to sneak in with B44 as their roadie. Luckily I wasn’t too late for work and here I am to bring you latest updates. Now it’s time for GoldFax

There have been some updates in the Sean “Puffy” Combs gun possession case. He has pleaded guilty to having a concealed weapon but he adamently denies trying to smuggle in upwards of two kilograms of Columbian cocaine in JayLo’s booty.

Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s still have yet to produce a successful follow-up album to Come On Eileen. We’ll keep you posted if we get any updates there.

The title to Britney Spear’s upcoming third album has managed to leak onto the web recently. The controversial album ‘Casual Attitude Towards Handjobs’ has been well recieved into the mainstream media.

Hey and we’ve got some updated issues coming right your way. Issue 20 Is now online. Grab it while it’s funny.

We’ll be back tomorrow with some new issues.

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