Q: What is Golden Words?
A: Golden Words is a weekly humour newspaper produced by the Engineering Society of Queen’s University at Kingston. It is the only weekly humour newspaper in Canada.

Q: How did Golden Words start?
A: In January 1967, a small group of Queen’s engineering students put out the first issue of Golden Words. It wasn’t much more than a newsletter in those days but gradually it grew and took form and before long it was the Media Giant that it is today.

Q: I’m super old and I used to go to Queen’s, do you have an archive of old issues online?
A: The only archives we keep are a series of bound issues. We have a copy in our office and Queen’s Archives have a copy. You’re welcome to come in and have a look at our copies if ever you’re in Kingston.

Q: Where can I get a print copy of GW?
A: 9000 copies of Golden Words are distributed free on campus every Wednesday. Paid subscriptions are available – details here. http://www.goldenwords.net/subscrip.php

Q: What’s a crest?
A: The GW crest is a badge given to staffers after they have made a significant contribution to the paper. Generally the crest is sewn onto the breast of a Queen’s jacket, or other beloved item. There is also a painted crest on campus between Mac-Corry and Harrison LaCaine. Before the advent of the internet, staffers would meet at the crest prior to social functions (eg: parties).

Q: I’d like to comment or complain about something in the paper. What can I do?
A: All complaints and comments can be sent to the editors at editors@goldenwords.net. If you’re not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, or if you would like to lodge a formal complaint you need to contact the Chair of the Golden Words Editorial Review Board (GWERB). A new chair is elected every year, the contact details are located in the masthead section of the paper.

Q: What is GWERB?
A: GWERB is the Golden Words Editorial Review Board. GWERB is composed of the VP (Services) of EngSoc, two faculty members, one member with experience in published humor, one member of the local media, two members of the Golden Words Masthead, one member from the Engineering Society Review Board, The Golden Words Operations Manager and The Golden Words Business Manager in an ex-officio, non-voting role. They meet at the beginning of the year to approve the editorial policy drafted by the editors. GWERB has the power to mandate printed apologies and suspend the editors.


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