I Fought the Law, and the Law beat me within an inch of my life

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Ok for our 17 or so readers out there I’d like to point out what we here at feature. We can be a little slow at updating content but that’s where our multitude (read: 3) come in handy!

Golden Words Advice

This section should be used more. Think about it. Ask us questions! It’s your chance to converse with that which is GW directly. You can ask us anything! We will answer. In fact we like it. Specify your undying love for one of our writers or discuss that stealth ninjas have invaded your homelands and you need assistance it stopping them. We can help with everything! We really can! Except herpes. Nobody can help you with that itchy.

Messageboard Fun

Similar to GW Advice this is the standard style messageboard service. Hey? Why don’t you people talk more? We like to talk. Please talk to us! Or hey tell your friends about us. We will be updating content more and more now. We’ve put up three new issues in one week. We’ve got a faster method now! Trust us! Sorry if I sounded a little desperate. But we’re lonely.

Golden Words E-mail

We are much better than We offer 6MB’s of storage space and that unbeatable Golden Words service. Who wouldn’t want an e-mail. Hey we love them! I think is still available. In fact, Malcolm Jamal Warner or as you probably know him The-OH! of the Cosby show uses GW e-mail:
That one time me and cockroach needed to message some fly honeys fast we thought, hey! I can a hip and cool e-mail address at
We just love He’s so cool!

So think about it. We offer boundless entertainment and original content. Entertaining services with more to come. Stay a while and tell your friends. We demand your friends!

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