Canadian Immigration

How Will Canadian Immigration Get Affected After COVID-19

Over the past six months, Covid-19 has created several restrictions on the countries that are affected by this pandemic. While people are still unaware of how the events will unfold in the future, one question that the Canadian government is ...
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How To Queen’s

We’ve been at this school for what some people would say is an embarrassing amount of time. However, through all our muddling, we think we’ve learned a few tricks, and we’d like to pass these tips on to you. Here ...
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Messageboard Fun

I Fought the Law, and the Law beat me within an inch of my life

Ok for our 17 or so readers out there I'd like to point out what we here at Goldenwords.net feature. We can be a little slow at updating content but that's where our multitude (read: 3) come in handy! Golden ...
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Wang-Chung Tonight

Everybody Wang-Chung Tonight

The Vagina Monologue's If you get the chance head out to the Vagina Monologue's tonight. It will be at Grant Hall at 5:30pm and 8:00pm. You can get your tickets at the door. Happy Groundhog's Day! Well I can't believe ...
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newest updates

Please Welcome our Newest Correspondant

Hey and welcome to Golden Words Online. I'm Rick the Temp and I'm here to bring you some of the newest and hottest updates GW can provide. We've got some great things lined up for the show today so just ...
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